Vote No on Measure 105: NAACP Portland Branch Joins the Fight

Today, NAACP Portland Branch members rejected racism and fear and joined the OneOregon coalition. We urge all Oregonians to “Vote No on Measure 105.” Oregon is home to thousands of immigrants and refugees. Immigrants are our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues, and also our members. It is critical that the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, dedicated to eliminating racism in all its forms, stands strong against efforts to do away with Oregon’s sanctuary law, which was enacted on a bipartisan basis and has worked well to protect Oregonians for 30 years.

US history is rife with race-based anti-immigrant sentiment, and we know that the current administration’s anti-immigrant policies are racist in nature, aimed clearly at black and brown immigrants. Their tactics, horrific as they are, are not new. Policies of family separation as punishment, deterrent, and forced assimilation are a shameful part of the history of the United States. Slaveholders permanently separated enslaved family members as a matter of routine. The government forced indigenous children to government boarding schools, denying them their culture. Today families are routinely separated through mass incarceration and by CPS, which we know happens to black and brown families at a disproportionate rate. Allowing police to target immigrants based solely on their suspected immigration status will lead to racial profiling, and families targeted for deportation will continue the cycle of family separation and trauma.

From this history and present, we know that the immediate, lifetime, and generational trauma to victims of racism and anti-immigrant policies is severe. This is why we must stand against measure 105. Oregon’s sanctuary law protects all Oregonians from racial profiling. We cannot go backward.

To reject racism and fear, get involved in the “No on Measure 105” campaign.