2018 NAACP Election Results

Greetings to all members, friends and supporters of the NAACP,

Thank you for entrusting Lisa, Mrs. Helen, Malcolm, Sheila and yours truly with the duties and responsibilities of the Election Supervisory Committee for our November 24, 2018 NAACP Portland Branch 1120B election. We were honored to create an election environment that represented respect, fairness, and honesty, with an atmosphere and expectations exemplifying sound ethics and integrity.

Congratulations to the winning candidates and to each candidate who participated in the process. Despite the election day following a major holiday and a high traffic retail shopping day, it was encouraging to see members still visit the election facility and exert their voting rights.

Now that “we the people” have spoken through their vote, let us walk through today and into tomorrow in unity, with respect and support for those elected officials, as well as each other. Let us be instruments of encouragement for our current and newly elected leader, E.D. Mondaine’ as we walk in the vision and the mission. Let us be a reflection of light in a “shining city” where the glitter does not glow on all the faces, nor in all the places of our shining city. As an organization composed of people from all walks of life, we must recognize that “We are better together.”

Warmest regards,
Bora Harris
Chair, Election


NAACP Portland Branch 1120B

2019 Officers



E.D. Mondainé


First Vice President:

Noni Causey


Second Vice President:

Cynthia Harris


Third Vice President:




Michael Harper



Antjuan Tolbert


Assistant Secretary:

Katy Riker


Executive Committee at Large Member:

Jeff Strang