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Biennial Branch Election Scheduled

In view of the recent uprising of racial tension that our nation is experiencing, it is important to be acquainted with frontline organizations dedicated to the fight for racial justice and equality. The NAACP is an organization most of these readers have heard of, but one which some of our younger audience may not be […]

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NAACP Portland Branch 1120 Leads the way to, “Removing the Thorns Of Racism In Portland Oregon (The City Of Roses)”

NAACP Portland Branch 1120 Leads the way to “Removing the Thorns Of Racism In Portland Oregon (The City Of Roses)” By E. D. Mondainé V.P. NAACP AWOSAC / President NAACP Portland Oregon In 2019 answering the call to the alarming number of racially biased issues continues to be an unfortunate and consistent mission for the NAACP […]

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US far-right group vows to march monthly following Portland rally

Portland saw its largest far-right demonstration of the Trump era on Saturday, as 500 right-wingers traveled from around the United States to march back and forth across the Oregon city’s bridges and briefly occupy a patch of its waterfront. By making extensive accommodations for the unpermitted right-wing protest, including close police escorts, concrete barriers and reopening a […]

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